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Why join Peruvian Cooking Classes Online?

In a fun, and intimate class we will show you how to cook every single one of your Peruvian favorites!!!!
The Best Chefs

The Best Chefs

We have the most successful chefs Teaching our classes. Our Head Chef is former chef at Maido. 7th best restaurant in the world.

Real time Classes

Real time Classes

Our classes are in real time. Our chefs will guide you from the beginning with every step  and will answer every question or doubt you have.



Products Delivery

Products Delivery

We will help you to get your products at your home, Our team will contact you for each class to help you find every single Peruvian product you'll need.


How We Work

Step 01

Choose the course or class you want

If you are buying a specific class or course search for the one you want and buy it. If you are a subscriber just pick the class or course you will join this time and add it to your subscription.

Step 02

Organize your buying with us

We will contact you once your class is booked to help you buy your products online or to contact any of our providers in your country. Remember we need to book your class in advance to have your products ready.

Step 03

Get ready for your class

We will send you a list of the things we need for your class including some prep for the class. We will give you access to tutorial videos to make it easier.

Step 04

Join our class

Our class is in real time. We will give you full access to the class you have bought. Our cheff will be waiting for you to start our class.

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Our Expert Teachers

Chef Josue Resinos
Chef Instructor
Chef Omar Santa Maria
Chef Instructor